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“Nobody Stands Nowhere”, what is your worldview?

Every human being looks at the world through a lens, a filter built up over time, subordinated by education and the community around him. In a pluralistic society there is no neutral view of things, life, religion and existence, so we must learn to consider different points of view, recognise and respect them.
Nobody Stands Nowhere” is a short animated film that explores this very issue, it is a work of animation created to educate young people, a project created by a collaboration between animator Emily Downe, the Culham St Gabriel’s Trust and Theos Think Tank.

Nobody Stands Nowhere” explores the concept of worldview and does so in order to understand how this can influence society and civilised coexistence. This short film leads to a much-needed reflection on religious literacy in the UK and invites the viewer to consider the possible co-existence of different points of view.

With a colourful and vibrant style, Emily Downe demonstrates how art can be used as a powerful tool for classroom learning and as a device to transform a complex concept into something accessible. Watch it here.


Directed, animated & designed by Emily Downe
Words by Emily Downe, Trevor Cooling and Bob Bowie
Music & Sound by Jan Willem de With

“Nobody Stands Nowhere”, what is your worldview?