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“Revenge Story”, the psychological cost of resentment

After experiencing a traumatic event, it is easier to focus on the dynamics of the incident and apportion blame to those responsible than to concentrate on solving the problem. Resentment and revenge, like the worst negative feelings, attack us in a vortex of pity and don’t let go until we can make peace with ourselves and others.
Erin Kim‘s independent short film “Revenge Story” tackles this big, thorny issue as it tells the story of a professional dancer and her fraught relationship with a clumsy chiropractor who disfigures her body and ruins her career.

With a stark black and white style and a fast-paced narrative, “Revenge Story” transports us into a story of obsession, revenge and pursuit. What it presents is a quirky, dark and contracted scenario that plays with the mechanics of slapstick comedy and the physical gags of the genre to present us with a simple and effective metaphor for the psychological cost of resentment.
Tension, mishaps and setbacks go from being drivers of action to opportunities for absolution. Thus, it becomes more important for everyone to move on, to work on themselves, to make peace with their anxieties and not dwell on the past.

Watch it here.


Music by Nick Keller
Score Mixing by Jason LaRocca
Sound Design by Nick Ainsworth
Foley Art by Andrea Gard
Foley Mixing by Frank Rinella

“Revenge Story”, the psychological cost of resentment