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The Hidden Life of Rosa Parks

After the killing of George Floyd and the demonstrations that this event has generated, many organizations and agencies have tried to do their part. TED-Ed commissioned the Eido studio to make an animated short film about the life of Rosa Parks. Thus was born “The Hidden Life of Rosa Parks“, directed by Joash Berkeley.

From an artistic point of view, the director decided to represent Rosa Parks’ battle, not only with images and voice-over but also with technique. A sepia-colored monochromatic theme was chosen to represent the oppressive reality of the time, but the more we go on we can see how the images, contrast, definition and colors become more vivid and decisive, just like Rosa’s ideals.

“The Hidden Life of Rosa Parks” is a short film for everyone, without any distinction.

Creative Director: Joash Berkeley
Art Director: Harol Bustos
Designers: Harol Bustos, Rommel Ruiz, Felipe Vargas, Federico Epis, Joash Berkeley.
Animators: Chris Saez, Seongjin Yoon, Reece Parker, Manuel Neto, José Manuel Peña, Felipe Vargas, Joash Berkeley.
Music & Sound: John Poon
Additional music: Alphonso Horne, Josh Cole, Todd Pentney, Daniel Kluger.

The Hidden Life of Rosa Parks