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“Toccata” the short film of Optical Arts dedicated to Bach

The London-based studio Optical Arts has produced a video tribute to composer and musician Johann Sebastian Bach.
In this evocative video, a series of glasses, plates, cutlery, cups and candles are shattered and recomposed following the course of “Toccata“, one of Bach’s most famous compositions.

The film is an exploration of the nature of time, the inexorable violence of entropy and creative energy and its relationship with music itself. Toccata and Escape in D minor has a cinematic history dating back to the era of silent cinema, when orchestras played music for films.

Completing the homage to Johann Sebastian Bach are the large luminous letters that appear at the beginning of the video.
This effect was created by the Optical Arts team who travelled to Eisenach, the town where Bach was born in 1685 and where he lived until 1694.


“Toccata” the short film of Optical Arts dedicated to Bach