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“Winter’s Blight”, a friend to survive winter

Winter never seems to go away in the short film Winter’s Blight by Claire Campbell, an animator and director specialising in stop-motion and based in Christchurch, New Zealand. 

Bill, the elderly protagonist of the story, has run out of wood for heating and is forced to cut down the last pine tree on his property. The task becomes more and more difficult, his strength begins to fail and, as if that were not enough, a small pine cone tries to convince Bill not to cut down the tree. 

With disarming simplicity, Winter’s Blight shows how even in the longest and coldest winter it is possible to find a friendly hand, to meet someone who is willing to give everything for us. 

Claire Campbell has been working on the short film for several years and is currently posting a series of photos and videos on her Instagram profile showing the making of the film, from the handmade clothes to all the furniture in Bill’s house. Every detail is meticulously cared for and the result is breathtaking. 

Written, Directed and Animated by Claire Campbell
Produced by Jon Wilson – Shine on Films
Composer – Hanan Townshend
Sound Design – Hugh Harlow
Voice Actor – Mark Neilson
Director of Photography – Jon Wilson
Production Design – Claire Campbell
Set and props build – Claire Campbell, Autumn Eyles, Liam Dakin, Josh Hunter, Jon Wilson, Nathan Forbes
Funded by – Short film Otago 

“Winter’s Blight”, a friend to survive winter