Vinilica Vol. 17 – Eleganza Football Sound

It’s been three years since the last Vinilica’ volume, one of the first and most long-lived’ columns.
A space totally dedicated to music: a live set mixed ad hoc and a textual deepening of the artist.

Years apart we have thought of re-proposing it again, with a new format: instead of the live set we will have a Spotify’playlist; but always with an eclectic and original cut.

For this new start, we didn’t want to go very far, but we caught from our network by presenting you a new musical project, Eleganza Football Sound, which was born from a spin off of another’ side project: Calcetto Eleganza.

The set model embodies perfectly a football team, with a crew supporting the frontman – with the captain’s armband – already run-in in the clubbing field: Powerfrancers’ Pacchiani.

The team also has a manifest that fully describes the project.

Eleganza Football Sound is the musical spin-off of that Universe, not only fashion&football, called Calcetto Eleganza.
No look and rabona that turn into scores, dystopian synths and club symphonies.

Eleganza Football Sound stands halfway between the eternal and sterile dispute between underground and mainstream, in favor of beauty.
Eleganza Football Sound winks at rap metrics, at trap boldness and at the most glossy urban style; from Toro y Moi to D’Angelo, from Pop X to Childish Gambino, from Club Dogo, Kid Cudi to XXXTentacion.

I’ts locker room music without being music for football players.
It’s rude but elegant.
It’s (Calcetto) Eleganza Football Sound.

To keep up with the EFS news just check the Facebook page and the @CalcettoEleganza Instagram account.

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