Music Vinilica vol. 61 – Maiole

Vinilica vol. 61 – Maiole

Emanuele D'Angelo

Maiole calls music a “you”: he challenges it, searches for it, disassembles and reassembles it, first designing dreamy and abstract electronic architectures and then taking them to pop territories with lightness, grace and lucid unconsciousness.
Maiole is the project of Marco Maiole, born in 1995, on June 30th his new single “Persino gli alieni” was released.

“Persino agli alieni” marks the return on the scene of the artist from Caserta two years after “Cose Pese“, the record that has consecrated him as a hybrid producer. Started with a purely electronic approach in his debut Music for Europe, with Cose Pese Maiole he mixed with pop, shaping a fresh, modern and rhythmic sound. The fil rouge? The approach to the melody reasoned but never serious.

Today, at the age of 25, the artist from Campania not only presents himself as one of the most eclectic figures of Italian music, but continues to mix with other worlds.

As always exclusively for Mag he has created for you a playlist with all his musical influences.

These are the tracks that I would like the algorithm to suggest to me after listening Persino agli alieni <3

Written by Emanuele D'Angelo
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