Music Vinilica vol. 75 – Ibisco b2b Populous

Vinilica vol. 75 – Ibisco b2b Populous

Emanuele D'Angelo

Ragazzi is the scream of the new generation, between provincial limits and infinite possibilities, is the desire for revenge of a youth perhaps never so little understood: too fast, too mixed, so strong as to be scary.
Ragazzi is the awareness of a value, of a strength, of the possibility to create a new world, against disillusions, failures and global crises.

Ragazzi is the latest single released by Ibisco, a young artist born and raised in Bologna in 1995, who loves autumn and hates summer.
Just in what is his favorite season he decided to give us a big gift, giving us two versions of his new single.

In the alternative version, in the B side we could say he collaborated with one of the most eclectic artists of electronic music, Populous.
The Italian artist has made the song even more danceable, frivolous and carefree than it already is, adding its mixed sounds.

“When I heard that Populous was going to edit the remix of Ragazzi I was thrilled. A friend of mine made me discover it and together we went to listen to it live at the Locomotiv Club in Bologna in 2017. The thing that struck me, in addition to the primitive vibration with which the sound was soaked, was the great heterogeneity of his audience. When music becomes a powerful social aggregator it performs the most noble function that can be attributed to it. The work Andrea did on the track is extraordinary, I believe that the songs are unconscious manifestations of ourselves and that they help us to understand our deepest nature; in this sense his rereading of the track has added many missing pieces to the universe of knowledge that comes from it and that composes it. I could say he has managed to expand the house in which “Ragazzi” now lives”.

In the remixed track, Populous manages to transport the sounds into its musical universe without losing the narrative power of the words of the young Bolognese singer-songwriter, which from the notes of a smartphone written in the time cutouts of a precarious job, have become sharp verses, expertly produced by Marco Bertoni.

For the occasion could not miss also a shared playlist, with all their influences, but not only, also a sort of introspection of the single just released.
The first 11 songs belong to the Bolognese singer-songwriter Ibisco, immediately afterwards you find 10 goodies selected by the Salento artist Populous.
Good listening!

Written by Emanuele D'Angelo
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