Music Vinilica vol. 77 – Uhuru Republic

Vinilica vol. 77 – Uhuru Republic

Emanuele D'Angelo

Uhuru is a Swahili term meaning “freedom”. The Uhuru Republic has declined this freedom in the music, their first record was officially released on November 22.

Uhuru Republic is a collective of Italian and African artists, born thanks to the support of Roberto Mengoni and the Italian Embassy in Dar Es Salaam that pushed the artists Giulietta Passera, FiloQ and Raffaele Rebaudengo to undertake a trip to Tanzania and to give life to a unique artistic and musical project: connecting through music and art two apparently distant cultures such as Africa and Italy.

Their new album “Welcome to Uhuru Republic” is much more than a musical project, they don’t stop at just one record.

It is an extraordinary journey along two continents, Europe and Africa by a collective of Italian and African artists, curators, ambassadors, designers, entrepreneurs, visionaries who have decided to put together energy and inspiration to create something unique.

With their 11 tracks they have created an imaginary bridge, starting from our Italy and arriving to beautiful Africa. 11 tracks that link Turin, Genoa, Dar Es Salaam, Zanzibar and Nairobi reinterpreting and re-reading the traditional music of East Africa through the codes of contemporary electronics.

Could not miss their playlist with all the influences, contaminations. 13 tracks that beyond the album we recommend you to listen to, to let you be transported by their infinite magic.
A trip to Africa, you just have to sit back and relax.

“We have selected a series of tracks that represent a mapping of our collaborations, new musical trends in East Africa and also the ancient traditions we encountered during our trips to Kenya and Tanzania. In our playlist there are Blinky Bill – which came out on November 20th with a new single – a very talented producer and singer from Nairobi that we met by chance in Lamu, Kenya, and with whom we wrote a song that we will release soon, Msafiri Zawose, our collaborator and spokesman of the musical tradition of the Zawose family of Bagamoyo, Marleen Xplastaz of Arusha who has written and recorded with us several pieces of our album, the British collective and label Beating Heart with which we collaborate, the label and festival Nyege Nyege, our friend and collaborator Makadem who is often on tour with us in Europe and also Bi Kidude, centenarian icon of Taarab and Ukwe Zawose music. “

Written by Emanuele D'Angelo
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