Music Vinilica vol. 82 – Laila Al Habash

Vinilica vol. 82 – Laila Al Habash

Emanuele D'Angelo

Born in 1998, Laila Al Habash is one of those voices that enters your head on tiptoe and with difficulty will leave you alone.
Just today the Roman singer-songwriter with Palestinian blood has released her second song of this 2021, after having surprised us with “Doppio Taglio”, now it’s the turn of “Brodo”.

A song in which bass drum and snare drum immediately catapult us into a nineties hip hop groove masterfully edited by Stabber. The sincere words of Laila dart as always fast to hit straight to the heart, starting a journey of rhymes and flow that leaves no room for anything that is not frank and true.

In 2021 she joined the Undamento label and with the release of the single she also unveiled the next step.
Her first EP is called “Moquette” and will be released on February 26, definitely a project to keep an eye on.

Laila Al Habash

A song that encloses a warm, fluid and softcore made of a brazen desire to shout, get angry and declare oneself without fear.
And after letting us know even this more hip hop side of her, we also leave you the playlist that she edited exclusively for Mag.

The playlist is called: ME LA SENTO. 18 tracks to get to know her better and immerse us more and more in the world of the young and promising girl from Undamento, Laila Al Habash.

Selecta of uplifting tracks to listen to whenever you want to feel more coarse and raw, which is always needed these days. Put on play and your ego never enters the room again.

Laila Al Habash

Foto: Tommaso Biagetti

Written by Emanuele D'Angelo
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