Style The “imaginary TV” of Off-White’s ss21 collection

The “imaginary TV” of Off-White’s ss21 collection

Andrea Tuzio

Presented within a digital and interactive world via an “Imaginary TV,” Off-White‘s Spring/Summer 2021 collection show called “Adam is Eve” was both a multimedia experience and a runway show.

“I want to connect and generate a global network, and bring together creativity while catalyzing a range of emotions. We’re living in a world and at a time that is already largely digitally native. Within the collection itself, I wanted to capture what it is to be human at this very moment. Conundrum is OK, glitches are OK, duality is OK, and a dissolution of norms is OK”, these are the words of Virgil Abloh with respect to the presentation of the collection. 

A sort of palimpsest in which a series of digital performances follow one another, telling the relationship between all the artists involved in the project who document their performance and the aesthetics of Off-White™’s Spring/Summer 2021. 

Inclusivity, creativity, self-expression and the reciprocal influence between fashion and art are the themes that emerge from this “imaginary TV” commissioned by Abloh where a series of international artists and talents show their skills expanding the artistic vision of the brand beyond the mere concept of “clothing”. 

The collection is made of contemporary tailoring, elimination of any form of gender definition with a series of gender-fluid garments as well as volumes, colors and cuts reflect the desire to overturn any kind of predefined scheme.

Another element to underline is the concept of see-now-buy-now, that is, what you see is already available for purchase. This emphasizes even more, when the approach of the brand and that of its founder are always perfectly placed in the contemporary world.

Below you can take a look at all the looks from Off-White™’s Spring/Summer 2021 collection.

Written by Andrea Tuzio
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