Music Vinilica vol. 96 – Piccolo

Vinilica vol. 96 – Piccolo

Emanuele D'Angelo
Piccolo | 10

A short time ago we had the pleasure of interviewing them, of meeting them virtually in their bunker, a former leather goods company where all the magic comes from. We are talking about the collective Bnkr44 composed of: Ghera, Caph, Fares, Erin, Faster, Piccolo and JxN.

A collective that is actually a set of individual artists who 360 days a year working on their personal projects.
And this month it’s Piccolo’s turn, class of 2001, an artistic entity who likes to draw, write and describe reality through colors and images. “Amaranto” is his first solo EP.

“Amaranto is a story, the story of two very lonely people who are confused by their connection. While one feels confident, the other turns out to be extremely fragile and insecure but what unites them is the fear of being completely alone.”

A story conceived and set far away from everyone and everybody, in a country town, in the tall grass, on the trees, almost lost. A story that Piccolo managed to tell by drawing illustrations on which to base the colors and the relationship between the characters and the universe of “Amaranto”, a title obviously not accidental.

To make even more special this twisted story, titled “Amaranto”, we thought his partner Erin, who built all the productions or rather the “fil rouge” of the album.
With great care the other member of the 44 has contributed perfectly to build the imagery of Piccolo, a little melancholy and a little confused.

An EP to consume that will slip away, which opens with “I miei ricordi” until you get to “Fili di ferro”. And as always, our guest has created an exclusive playlist for mag to immerse you more easily in the complex story of “Amaranto”.

“Hidden in these 11 pieces are important things and old memories, whether happy or sad, that are fundamental to the vision I have of music as my first true and sincere healing tool. There are also just pieces that put me in a good mood or help me get home the few times I listen to something in the car.”

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Written by Emanuele D'Angelo
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