Art Welcome to the crazy world of Stefan Visan

Welcome to the crazy world of Stefan Visan

Emanuele D'Angelo

Stefan Visan is an artist who manages to create something unique from a simple fork.
The artist’s interventions are always rather surreal, but they always start from banal objects: a silver safety pin pierces green leaves, a lighted candle is cut and placed in an inclined position, and the limping spaghetti extend the tines of the fork.

His work is very complex, he spends hours or even days fiddling around in his studio, building something unique with bizarre combinations without any prior intention for what he will create.

Stefan Visan does not limit his artistic process to a single medium, but always tries to propose something new.
“I always explore different things, from painting to collage, video collage, photography, illustration. For example, collage is a break from painting and the opposite. Everything I create is handmade, nothing digital”.
The result is a series of surreal interventions that blend everyday objects making them unique and very but very strange!

Written by Emanuele D'Angelo
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