Art “What’s next”, Aaron Asis artwork for a better future
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“What’s next”, Aaron Asis artwork for a better future

Emanuele D'Angelo

“What advice would you give yourself to help shape our future?”

From this simple question started the project by New York artist Aaron Asis entitled “What’s next”, which transformed the facade of the Shelburne School of Crafts in Vermont into a temporary mural.

Created in response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the work was done using quotes from community members. Shelburne Crafts School has been an institution in Vermont since 1945, offering training courses to help locals experience the joys of doing, cultivating self-confidence.

Over the course of several weeks, artist Aaron Asis digitally collected quotes from the community and glued them into many small strips of printed text, a gesture to share the thoughts of the community.
With the main goal of celebrating who we are, what we have learned, how we hope to change, and what we need to leave behind as we wait for the situation to improve.

The artwork “What’s next” will remain on display at the Shelburne School of Crafts until September 2020.
Art has always played an important role in our society and culture. During a global pandemic, at such a delicate time, public installations can help us move forward.

Artstreet art
Written by Emanuele D'Angelo
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