Style Woolrich’s SS23 celebrates the brand’s legacy

Woolrich’s SS23 celebrates the brand’s legacy

Andrea Tuzio

Woolrich has unveiled its Spring/Summer 2023 collection, a collection that expresses – in the brand’s established style – a love of the outdoors by drawing from its archives.
A celebration of American culture and lifestyle while revisiting Woolrich’s legacy through a new perspective on versatility, design and authenticity.

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There are three visual narratives that follow the flow of the seasons, from the first hints of spring to full summer, and they are: Pennsylvania Walk, American Road Trip and Lakeside Summer.

Pennsylvanian Walk, is an authentic journey into tradition, reinterpreted with a contemporary twist. A capsule composed entirely of sustainable materials and natural dyeing methods for an eco-friendly approach, with contrasting and fun elements such as floral quilting, reinterpretations of the Check, and patterns inspired by the national flower, the Mountain Laurel.

The second release of the season is American Road Trip, featuring vivid colors but also camouflage patterns in more natural tones and revisited archival garments. A nod to long road trips through beautiful trails finding harmony with the landscape.

The latest release, Lakeside Summer, is inspired by the Woolrich Lodge on Zavikon Island. This summer-hued capsule is made of natural cotton and linen, with prints celebrating the island and its activities, such as fishing or kayaking. Geometric stripes, peculiar patterns and madras checks take center stage on fresh, lightweight fabrics.

Spring/Summer 2023 is a celebration of Woolrich’s heritage but reimagined by being inspired by a contemporary, new and conscious vision.


Photographer: Nicolò Parsenziani
Ass. Digital: Davide Lionello
Ass. Light: Sara Giorcelli
Videographer: Michele Giannantonio
Stylist: Sofia Prandoni
Ass. Stylist: Carlotta Liquori
MUAH: Clarissa Carbone
Ass. MUAH: Chiara Viola
Production: Studio

Written by Andrea Tuzio
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