Art “Your Life as a Comedy” the optimistic work of E.LEE
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“Your Life as a Comedy” the optimistic work of E.LEE

Emanuele D'Angelo

“Your Life as a Comedy”

“I don’t know how best to describe my last job if not with a series of difficulties that we all go through: sometimes we are in a desert, sometimes in a flood.
But we find more balance once we get out of the holes we fall into, and we start to build some security around us.”

The latest artwork by the American artist E.LEE is an “optimistic” work.
The viewer is the protagonist and is more or less the story of our life.

The work shows the metaphorical obstacles that we all have to overcome every day.
The desert: an empty and arid place, without nourishment, is loneliness and a feeling of isolation.
The ocean: water represents turbulent emotions, it is the opposite of a lack, but rather a feeling of possible drowning.
Anvils floating above us on balloons: this is anxiety, the random event that can fall on our heads out of nowhere, a completely unexpected event.
A crack in the Earth: this represents us falling into a hole, a big problem or depression from which we have to get out.

Once we go through these difficulties we arrive at the last step represented by a bedroom.
The last artwork represents the improvement of our life, the construction, and the opportunity to take a breath and rest, because the cycle and the challenge will start again soon.

A work undoubtedly optimistic and profound that of E. Lee in the streets of Chicago, who wants to encourage us to be the best version of ourselves, overcoming the obstacles that life puts in front of us.

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Written by Emanuele D'Angelo
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