7 Moncler Fragment, our interview with Hiroshi Fujiwara

7 Moncler Fragment, our interview with Hiroshi Fujiwara

Giulia Pacciardi · 6 months ago · Style

One house, different voices.
The mission of Moncler Genius is clear and doesn’t show signs of stopping, with Moncler Genius World Tour, in fact, the project takes the form of a world tour in which each collection is supported by a dedicated launch, each in a different city, each aimed at bringing the genius of the designers involved as far as possible.

In this context of unstoppable creativity, for the third time Hiroshi Fujiwara, one of the most influential existing streetwear designers, whose vision has influenced more than a generation of enthusiasts and professionals, is also included.

7 Moncler Fragment Hiroshi Fujiwara, the collection to be released today, October 3, is characterized by a metropolitan appeal with references to aviation, tributes to American culture, allusions to the MOD style and the world of Pokémon.
A collection that innovatively combines new technologies with Moncler’s iconic savoir-faire to perfection, with items such as the parka and the bomber.
The collection also includes items such as the country check shirt, the teddy fleece jacket or the sweatshirt revisited in a down jacket key and, for the first time in the history of the brand, unwashed jeans with selvage.

To understand what lies behind the collaboration between Moncler and Hiroshi Fujiwara, we exchanged with him some jokes that opened our eyes to his vision and his work.

Thanks to the path you started over 30 years ago, you’re considered one of streetwear’s godfathers. How do you think this world has changed through the years and what dynamics led to its affirmation?

I don’t really feel like the godfather of streetwear, to be honest. I think the golden age of streetwear was a few years ago but I am sure that the trend will continue to influence people. I am looking forward to seeing how the younger generation interacts with streetwear and creates something new with it.

You collaborated with many designers and brands through the years, when you accept to put your creativity at a brand or project’s service, what are the reasons that push you to do it?

I can’t explain…I don’t even know. I always like to try to collaborate with people whose ethos and creative process I believe in.  I had the chance to meet with Remo Ruffini and talk with him about the Moncler Genius project and I really liked the idea. That’s why I joined the first Moncler Genius creatives team. It’s not just about making clothes, it’s the atmosphere that Moncler creates, also with the presentation in Milan. Experiences create something really exclusive that people feel.

Your collaboration with Moncler Genius has started in 2018, what are the elements of this project that fascinate you the most? Did your approach to the creative process has changed from the first to this last third one? How?

I like to work with brands that have a similar tempo to my own. The innovation of Moncler and the Moncler Genius project is something that I relate to and was one of the reasons I wanted to work with them. Teamwork. The Moncler team gives me the freedom to create what I want and believes in my creative approach. My approach is the same but of course, the inspirations are different and could come from everything, a place where I go or a person I meet…

What or whom did you get inspiration from? How did you manage to pursue diverse inspirations, letting them coexist in a single unique collection?

I mix archive Moncler aspects with my archive to create a hybrid of both. Moncler has such an expansive collection of vintage pieces and a very big archive with interesting design details so there was a lot to work with. I focused on the down jacket. It is a classic Moncler item so it was great to reinterpret it putting my own spin on it.

7 Moncler Fragment, our interview with Hiroshi Fujiwara
7 Moncler Fragment, our interview with Hiroshi Fujiwara
7 Moncler Fragment, our interview with Hiroshi Fujiwara
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365typefaces, one typeface per day

365typefaces, one typeface per day

Emanuele D'Angelo · 1 month ago · Art

365typefaces is a special Instagram profile, at first glance it may seem trivial, but it is not.
Born in Rome in 1993, Andrea Biggio lives and works in Milan as a graphic designer and just over a year ago he created 365typefaces, an account created to promote and present contemporary and experimental typefaces, created by independent designers and digital foundries.

His page is now a real point of reference for all those designers looking for inspiration, looking for the right font to best realize their idea.
Founded with the aim of publishing one project a day, whether it’s a finished and finished font or one that’s still being worked on, until now 365Typefaces has collected a lot of fonts, becoming a digital archive perfectly updated on the latest trends in type design.

365typefaces also has big plans for the future, it would like to expand its community and become a brand partner of foundries and events related to the world of printing, but not only.
An ambitious project, which among other things gives the opportunity to many graphic designers to show the fonts they create and share them with everyone.
In December a 365TChallenge was also created, inviting designers to create an alphabet inspired by the shapes of sound.

A useful and inspiring project for many graphic designers, a way to share their work, through a simple Instagram profile.
An excellent showcase for designers, driven by the authentic nature of the page, always ask to be published to increase their visibility.

365typefaces, one typeface per day
365typefaces, one typeface per day
365typefaces, one typeface per day
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Fear Eats The Soul, Rirkrit Tiravanija’s Flags

Fear Eats The Soul, Rirkrit Tiravanija’s Flags

Giulia Guido · 1 month ago · Art

If there is an object of universal use and comprehensible to anyone in the world that is the flag. Since the time of the Crusades, flags have represented the belonging of a group of people to a country, but not only, to a belief, an ideal, a current of thought. Think, for example, of pirates, Italian lordships, political parties or the most popular rainbow flag of peace. 

Because of its deep meaning and its powerful symbolic force, Rirkrit Tiravanija, a New York artist born in Buenos Aires, has made the flag an inevitable object of his artistic research. 

One of the best known is completely white, presenting light, almost invisible, the silhouettes of the stars and stripes of the American flag, above them in cubital characters appears the inscription “Fear Eats The Soul“. The sentence is taken from the film Ali: Fear Eats the Soul by Rainer Werner Fassbinder, one of those films that forty years later still manages to be particularly relevant, dealing with themes linked to racism and class struggle. 

The same flag with the phrase in Italian appeared yesterday on the facade of the Church of San Paolo Converso in Milan, headquarters of the Fondazione Converso that will host the works of Rirkrit Tiravanija throughout the year, including six flags that will be waved in turn at the entrance. The first one is “La Paura Mangia L’Anima” (Fear Eats the Soul) and, unfortunately, it couldn’t be better suited to the current climate in the city (and throughout Northern Italy), which is forced to close schools and museums because of the Coronavirus.

Although it remains a white flag, do not mistake it for a gesture of surrender. 

Fear Eats The Soul, Rirkrit Tiravanija’s Flags
Fear Eats The Soul, Rirkrit Tiravanija’s Flags
Fear Eats The Soul, Rirkrit Tiravanija’s Flags
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Malala, Lady Gaga and the other women Behind the Mac

Malala, Lady Gaga and the other women Behind the Mac

Giulia Guido · 1 month ago · Art

This year, to celebrate International Women’s Day, Apple released an all-female version of Behind The Mac

The 2018 campaign is renewed every year with short commercials that show both well-known personalities from show business and music, but also normal users, working behind the screen of a Mac. The interesting aspect of this campaign is that every country has the possibility to customize it, for example, a few days ago we talked about the commercial made by Apple Japan that instead of known faces used cartoon and anime scenes. 

But Behind the Mac can also change according to the occasion to celebrate, so in this spot, always busy working behind a computer, we see personalities ranging from Lady Gaga to Malala, from Greta Gerwig to Diane von Furstenberg. In the background? “***Flawless Feat. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie” by Beyoncé. 

Malala, Lady Gaga and the other women Behind the Mac
Malala, Lady Gaga and the other women Behind the Mac
Malala, Lady Gaga and the other women Behind the Mac
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Cheyne Gallard, between superheroes and drag queens

Cheyne Gallard, between superheroes and drag queens

Emanuele D'Angelo · 1 month ago · Art

Cheyne Gallard is a famous illustrator born in beautiful Honolulu. Like almost every colleague, from an early age, he loved to draw and scribble whatever paper was in front of him.
As a child, he enjoyed watching cartoons and drawing them on paper on Saturdays. We can undoubtedly say that his style is clear from the beginning, you have never sought inspiration from other currents because he has always been dedicated to comics.

Self-taught, his life changed after picking up a copy of Stan Lee’sHow to Draw the Marvel Way“. Even today, his main inspiration continues to be comic book king Jack Kirby and some modern illustrators like Dave Gibbons and Joe Quinones.

Cheyne’s works are absolutely a continuation of pop art, in which he combines his love for ferocious women and Golden Age comics. Flamboyant, full of colors and details, his works are very similar to the comics of the most famous Marvel superheroes.

His latest work is dedicated to one of his favorite series, America’s Next Drag Queen. It’s an American reality show based on a competition between drag queens. The presenter of the show is RuPaul, who is also a judge and mentor. The contestants must show their skills as entertainers and style by competing in various competitions.
Since the sixth season, Cheyne Gallard has started to dedicate comics to the strongest competitors.
He decided to combine his love for drag queens with the vintage and retro comic book look and thus my unique mix was born.

Cheyne Gallard, between superheroes and drag queens
Cheyne Gallard, between superheroes and drag queens
Cheyne Gallard, between superheroes and drag queens
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