The body of the woman in Sasha Podgurska’s paintings

3 October 2019

Sasha Podgurska is a Ukrainian painter who creates paintings focused on the female figure and uses bright colors. Find out more now!

Sasha Podgurska is a Ukrainian painter who portrays the woman’s body in its complex harmony of forms. Relaxing, dancing and sunbathing by the sea: her subjects, mostly naked, are full of joie de vivre.

“I try to represent the carefree way of living in harmony with nature, as well as women who enjoy the gifts and beauty of the Mediterranean environment”.

After studying drawing, art history, ancient Greek mythology and psychology at school, Sasha spontaneously turned to the artistic nude, inspired by the hyper-realistic details of Renaissance works.

The artist also loves to experiment and does so using watercolors and other types of techniques. Each scene represents moments of everyday life in a voluptuous and sensual key, whether it is a trip to the beach or a moment of return with friends.

Find out more about Sasha’s work on her website.


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