Style Acne Studios celebrates monsters

Acne Studios celebrates monsters

Andrea Tuzio

There are two former Mattel executives behind Acne Studios‘ new “Monster in My Pocket” capsule collection. 

Joe Morrison and John Weems are two illustrators who, after leaving the most famous toy company in the world, have founded a media franchise that bears the name of the capsule available since February 8th. 

Morrison and Weems with their agency focus on monsters, legendary creatures from the world of mythology, religion, fantasy, science fiction, etc., making cards, action figures, comics, video games, board games, and much more.  

At the center of the collection, there are 4 monsters created by the duo in the 90s: Werewolf, Zombie, Triton, and The Great Beast, each one silkscreened on Acne Studios items.

The monsters have always stimulated the collective imagination and inspired the creativity of millions of people but as Ishirō Honda, director and creator of Godzilla, teaches us,

The tragedy of monsters is that they are too great and powerful to be accepted by mankind.

And that is perhaps also why we are so fascinated by them.

Written by Andrea Tuzio
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