adidas Basketball relaunches three iconic models available for 24 hours

Since the basketball players are present not only on the court but also in the shoe companies, the world has changed. Every year teams of designers from the most famous sports brands try to create the perfect new shoe, the NBA champions sign six-digit contracts to tie themselves to a brand and, above all, millions of fans are ready to buy the last pair of sneakers signed by their idol. The fantasies, shapes, and materials have brought what were once just accessories to be the protagonists of the game. If among you there is still someone who, in the indecision, has remained literally barefoot, maybe you have solved all your problems.

adidas, the brand born in Germany and arrived at the top of the world, has decided to revive three iconic models that have led him to reign on the parquet and not only, reinventing them in a way accessible to everyone.

To meet all the needs of those who practice basketball just for passion, the collection was created by adidas Basketball in collaboration with adidas Brooklyn Farm, a real magical place, a creative hub, where you don’t need to be a professional or a designer to work on a product.

Here, at number 1 Melrose Avenue, thanks to the help of teenagers, fans and young players, the best adidas designers have created this new line thought for the game, but also for everyday life.

“We aimed to shake up the way we create our products to match that so players from high school to the NBA could look good, feel good and take their game to the next level.” – Rashad Williams, Senior Director, Footwear for adidas Basketball.

To best represent the encounter between professional and amateur basketball, the models that make up the collection are the MARQUEE BOOST, in both low and mid versions, and the PRO VISION. Among the various names who have worn these shoes in the big American arenas, for example, there is John Wall, the spearhead of this year’s Washington Wizards. To complete the line there is the N3XT L3V3L that are renewed in design, becoming the first basketball shoe laceless. This last model, in particular, is already turning the heads of several players, including Gerald Green, who wore them a few days ago against the Sacramento Kings, winning by twenty points, is it perhaps thanks to the shoes?

“For Marquee Boost and Pro Vision, we looked to past icons for inspiration, but with N3XT L3V3L, we took fundamental insights to create an icon for the future that will inspire younger generations to play.” – Denis Dekovic, Creative Director at the adidas Brooklyn Farm.

To pay homage to the city of New York and this collaboration, each piece will have embroidered the number 11222, the postcode of the adidas Brooklyn Farm, but in addition to being aesthetically beautiful, these models are primarily designed to improve performance in the field. Obviously, they don’t do miracles, they’re not Calvin’s shoes in Like Mike, so keep going to the field, but they can certainly help stability, responsiveness, and balance.

N3XT L3V3L, MARQUEE BOOST and PRO VISION will be available starting from spring 2019, but considering that adidas thinks of us lovers of wedge ball, it makes us a huge Christmas gift: the collection will be available in preview, only for 24 hours, Saturday, December 1 on, I already hear the sound of the soles whistling on the parquet.

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