Art All for the Gram – Back of a Truck

All for the Gram – Back of a Truck

Federica Cimorelli

Travelling is great and nowadays we miss it more than ever, but do you remember the endless hours spent queuing on the motorway or standing in line at the broken toll booth? Those I would say are best forgotten. When you’re in traffic there’s not much you can do, you have to wait and hope it will pass. You turn on the radio, listen to a song and wait.
A little while ago we at discovered that we were doing it all wrong, that our attitude in the car wasn’t right and that, on the other side of the world, there was someone who was making motorway queues an opportunity: Camille, creator of Back of a Truck.

Back of a Truck is an Instagram profile active since March 2018, it is a messy photo archive that puts together the most hilarious inscriptions found on the back of trucks around the world. We’re not sure who the creator of this profile is, but we’re confident in saying that when Camille opened it, she already had clear ideas in mind.

Back of a Truck is a collaborative space open to all, anyone can send in their photographic contribution and see their image published. Whether it’s a message of peace, a love note or ironic comment, it doesn’t matter. The only thing you need is to be fast and take the picture quickly, even if you have to give up framing, focus and high definition.

But what is actually the point of writing on trucks? It’s not that common in Italy, but we understand that it’s a way for truckers to joke with each other and recognise each other on the road. Customising your vehicle shows your style, attitude and humour, and for users on Instagram who follow Back of a Truck it’s an opportunity to share their finds.

We have selected the funniest photos for you here, but to discover the whole archive visit the official profile on Instagram.

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Words by Federica Cimorelli

Written by Federica Cimorelli
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