Photography All for the Gram – Guanti Soli

All for the Gram – Guanti Soli

Giulia Pacciardi

There is something very fascinating about abandoned, lost, and forgotten things.
There are so many stories to imagine, the run to catch the last train and a pocket left open, long walks among the frozen food on offer in a supermarket on Sunday afternoons, the reunion outside a school, the end of a job, a motorbike ride or a ski trip.

There are many stories and unknown people behind the no-frills photos of Guanti Soli, an Instagram profile that collects the bleak images of lost gloves, in pairs and, almost always, alone.

Photos that tell of the hurry, the distraction, and, in some cases, the carelessness of throwing on the ground those much-discussed protective devices that serve and do not serve the environment.

A profile that reminds us of the sensation of defeat when, back home, we find ourselves with only one glove and the awareness of having to buy two of them back and then go back to just one and, the choice, not always pondered, of having our hands frozen in order not to fall into that inevitable vicious cycle that is the life of a glove.
Written by Giulia Pacciardi
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