Art All for the Gram – thefemalewarhol

All for the Gram – thefemalewarhol

Federica Cimorelli

Experiencing negative emotions is more than normal, but we never hear it enough. If we reminded ourselves every day that it’s natural to be insecure and vulnerable, then maybe we could cope better with all the obstacles life throws at us.
This is exactly the spirit that drives thefemalewarhol, an Instagram profile with over half a million followers, that is trying to normalise negative emotions through social media.

What thefemalewarhol does is simple and important work that is making vulnerability more and more accepted. We don’t really know who is behind this profile, but we are confident in saying that what she is doing every day is helping many people. Since 2019, thefemalewarhol has been sharing motivational phrases and messages of acceptance through posts on Instagram, making self-love go viral.

“It’s ok to feel like shit after making the right decision”
“Sometimes you have to close a door to get some fresh air”
“Forcing the connection will only make you feel more disconnected”

These phrases that thefemalewarhol decides to share with her followers are simple advice and reminders against insecurity. Its posts are not real photographs, however, but ad hoc photomontages. In any case, whether they are written for real or created on the computer, its messages have an unrivalled communicative power.

We have selected the most beautiful phrases here, but to discover the entire archive visit the official profile on Instagram.

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Words by Federica Cimorelli

Written by Federica Cimorelli
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