Design “Casa Macaco”, a refuge in the heart of Brazil

“Casa Macaco”, a refuge in the heart of Brazil

Emanuele D'Angelo

Casa Macaco is the latest project of Montenegrin architect Marko Brajovic, nestled in the southernmost of Rio de Janeiro’s municipalities.
A unique place in the heart of nature among the forests of Paraty that now hosts a small refuge hidden among the thick vegetation.

“We designed Casa Macaco as an observatory. A place to connect with other species, to observe the outside and our inner Nature.”

In fact, the choice of the name, the design and even its shape is not entirely accidental; the project is linked to a strange event that happened shortly before the architect and his team began designing the small shelter.

“A few years ago, the monkeys that lived in Paraty disappeared. It was said that it was due to yellow fever that would spread among the primate families. We were very sad. At the beginning of the 2020 pandemic, the day we started thinking about a home that is related to the size of trees, there they appeared. A family of capuchin monkeys, a complete tribe! They came back and showed us why, where and how to design.”

Although to design the backbone of the house, the team had to work hard. First of all, because the project does not want in any way to affect the surrounding fauna and flora, but rather wants to adapt and become an integral part of it. Precisely for this reason, Atelier Marko Brajovic created a series of thin and dense pillars, inspired by the morphology of the roots of the juçara palm, thus ensuring the stability of the vertical construction.

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It’s not over here Casa Macaco is also able to accommodate two or more people, the project includes a kitchen, a bathroom and two bedrooms that can be transformed into living spaces.
In addition, three beautiful terraces are added where you can observe the view and one of them also offers a multifunctional space for physical activities, study, or meditation.

A magical place to retreat to reconnect with nature and yourself.

Written by Emanuele D'Angelo
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