Art “All in a Day’s Work” the new animated series by Siqi Song and Buck
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“All in a Day’s Work” the new animated series by Siqi Song and Buck

Federica Cimorelli

“All in a Day’s Work”, the new animated series created by a collaboration between It’s Nice That, stop motion artist Siqi Song and New York-based multidisciplinary creative studio Buck, has just gone online on Mailchimp. Featuring 12 episodes and 12 main characters, the series offers an up-close look at the intriguing dynamics of small business while chronicling the ups and downs of entrepreneurial life.

What is the first season of “All in a Day’s Work” can conceptually be divided into two complementary parts: the first six episodes by Siqi Song and the next six by Buck. In both cases, the videos created by the artists are very short, have no dialogue, are entertaining and tell stories with which it is very easy to identify.

With a masterful study of stop motion and an inimitable visual style, Siqi Song confronts florists, bakers, designers and office workers and reveals all their moments of joy and pain. With a touch of humor, a few misgivings and a lot of challenges, the characters in the first six episodes share their professional challenges and celebrate the importance of hard work.

The next six episodes were created by the Buck team, a multidisciplinary creative studio dedicated to 3D animation. Basing their modeling work on geometric prototypes made from ceramic, Buck brought to life the experiences of artists, entrepreneurs, bartenders, freelancers and chefs. Recounting the anxieties of networking events, the humiliation of receiving negative reviews and the shame of not being able to create, these episodes tell the positive and negative nuances of the working world, reflect the moods of the protagonists and describe humorous and entertaining situations.

Even though it has no dialogue, “All in a Day’s Work” hides an important and long work of sound design. Thanks to Sounds Like These, in fact, the series is enriched with calibrated gurgles, mumbles and sighs, capable of giving character and universality to the stories.

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All in a Day’s Work” reminds us that sometimes, in everyday life, it’s the smallest victories that make all the difference. Watch the full series here.

Words by Federica Cimorelli

Artanimated short
Written by Federica Cimorelli
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