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Alvaanq and Chryverde connect art and music

Giulia Guido

For years now, we’ve been telling and trying to intercept the news of the Italian creative scene and beyond. From street art to graphic design, from music to fashion. After years, we can say that the projects that excite us the most, the ones we want to know all the details about, are those characterized by a healthy contamination. That’s why we decided to tell you about Alvaanq and Chryverde and their project ready to land overseas.

Alvaanq e Chryverde

On one side, we have Alvaanq, the artistic name of Alvaro Javier Cecchetti. Born in 1994 and originally from Venezuela, Alvaanq is a Creative & Art Director with numerous collaborations with brands such as Nike, Levi’s, Sony Music, Warner Music, and many others under his belt. At the same time, he continues his journey as an artist and street artist, developing his style capable of mixing cartoons with horror.

On the other side, there’s Chryverde (Christian Lorenzi). A producer and DJ, his journey began as a teenager and he never changed his mind, managing in 2016 to become part of Alien Army, the first European DJ crew. He has collaborated on various musical projects, including “Medioego” by Inoki, until founding TheAzienda, a production studio for events aimed at connecting artists, creatives, and young professionals from different sectors.

Friends since forever, last year Alvaanq and Chryverde turned their bond into something deeper, connecting their passions and paths into one thing, a project that led them to share their creative processes. This is how Chryverde’s first concept EP “DES ILES” was born, with artistic direction by Alvaanq. After its release, they decided to go further and fly to Los Angeles, soaking up the city’s atmosphere and getting inspired. On that occasion, Chryverde closed a DJ set at the famous APT200 and Alvaanq created his first mural in Downton. Like a true journey to discover themselves and their creativity, they told their story through videos and shots that encapsulate their passion, their journey, and emotions.

The one in 2023 was just the first in a series of events that not only connect Alvaanq’s art with Chryverde’s music but also connect Italy with the United States: right now, the two creatives, along with their crew, are in California where the second episode of this journey is taking shape, which will see them as protagonists of exhibitions, DJ sets, and live performances. If you’re in the area, follow their movements on Instagram and follow’s profile to not miss their takeover.

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Written by Giulia Guido
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