Art Anatoly Akue’s graffitis inspired by philosophy and Buddhism
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Anatoly Akue’s graffitis inspired by philosophy and Buddhism

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The contemporary artist Anatoly Akue, born and raised in Russia, has been creating a series of graffiti since 1997, which can be seen around European and world cities, at urban art festivals and even at major events such as the Biennale di Venezia in 2018 whose theme was “Free Space“.

Over the past 5 years Anatoly Akue has been very focused on studio work which has included extensive research with the aim of finding a way to combine the forms of graffiti with the joy of abstract painting, and the influence of Buddhist philosophy. The Russian artist then explores the development and transformation of human inner traits trying to represent this metamorphosis in his works.

In my images, I combine transcendental practices – such as meditation, for instance, – and regular everyday life experience, to reveal and show strong interconnections between them 

The main topics covered are, on the one hand, the exploration of the development of the inner qualities of human beings and, on the other, the process of combining meditation, astrology and other sciences with experience and situations that occur in everyday life.

A part of his work is dedicated, in particular, to the transformation of graffiti letters into a spiritual path. In fact, his works are full of symbols and meanings from the human aspect that reflect many concepts of life.

Anatoly Akue, in addition to making graffiti, produces abstract works on canvas that are very much in the artistic vein of abstractionism. On a technical level, Anatoly’s works are multi-layered, vivid and fluid, some of them can also be associated with cartoons.

Anatoly Akue | 1
Anatoly Akue | 1
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