Photography Andrea Riba’s analogue and cinematographic photography

Andrea Riba’s analogue and cinematographic photography

Giulia Guido
Andrea Riba |

If you love David Lynch and every time you watch a film you look for the atmosphere of Twin Peaks or Mulholland Drive, then Andrea Riba is the photographer you need to get to know and start following. 

Andrea Riba is attracted to images, whether they are static or in motion, in fact, her art does not end with photography, but also finds expression in short films and shorts. In addition to her undeniable innate talent, the photographer honed her technique and style by attending an MFA (Master of Fine Arts) at the University of Southern California and now has several collaborations with national and international magazines and journals. 

If we had to describe Riba’s inner work in two words, they would certainly be analogue and cinematographic. Yes, the photographer shoots exclusively in analogue, a technique that allows her to obtain shots with a thick grain that seem to belong to a distant past. Analogue also goes well with a cinematographic style: her photographs could be mistaken for frames from old films. 

It is no coincidence that Andrea Riba’s main source of inspiration is dated films, although the director who has most influenced his work is David Lynch. Not only do we find the typical atmospheres of the famous director’s films in Riba’s shots, but some of her photographic series celebrate certain works in particular, such as the one entitled Twin Peaks One Eyed or the one dedicated to Mulholland Drive, shot along the famous street in Los Angeles. 

The passion for cinema also returns in other projects, such as the one dedicated to Bonnie and Clyde in which the two characters are both played by River Gallo. 

Browsing through Andrea Riba’s photographs is like watching a film, we are enveloped by atmospheres that are often surreal and macabre, as if there were no longer any difference between reality and dream. 

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We have selected just a few of her works, but to discover more visit the photographer’s website and Instagram profile

Andrea Riba |
Andrea Riba |
Andrea Riba
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