Aneta Pacholska, minimal and colorful illustrations

20 February 2019

Aneta Pacholska makes colorful and minimal illustrations of the life of all groups, where even the trivial situations become magical.

Aneta Pacholska is a self-taught Polish visual artist based in Toronto that draws everyday life with bright colors that convey joy, familiarity and entertain the spectator, who identifies with the protagonists of her scenes. As the artist herself states:

“I like to magnify them in a colorful and sometimes humorous way”.

The most banal situations become a source of inspiration and even what seems boring, becomes captivating and magical, like a toast, a mask of beauty, bathing, reading a book and so on.

If this artist has struck you, you might also be interested in Ben Wiseman, who treats everyday life with irony and joy, while if you want to know other works by Aneta you can take a look at her Instagram.


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