Design Apfelhotel, the dream hotel in South Tyrol

Apfelhotel, the dream hotel in South Tyrol

Giulia Guido

In South Tyrol, precisely in Val Passiria, where the Alpi Venoste meet the Alpi Stubai, studio Noa* (Network of Architecture) designed the Apfelhotel inspired by the landscape and the symbol of this place, the apple. 

As you can understand from the name – apfel = apple -, inside the Apfelhotel, in addition to the rooms and public places, space has been built dedicated to the sale of typical products of the area, all based on apples. 

The hotel consists of two distinct blocks, both for their function and for their design.

The first block consists of the spa and the main feature of the structure that houses it is that it develops below ground level, almost hiding under the turf. 

The entrance is dug into a small hillock and to welcome guests there is a beautiful wooden door. Then you are directed to the spaces with the pools and the wellness path from where you can enjoy a wonderful view thanks to a window that runs through the entire facade of the structure. To create an even deeper bond between inside and outside, the pool was built half indoors and half outdoors. 

The second block, on the other hand, does not blend in with the landscape, but pays homage to the typical local architecture through a modern reinterpretation of classic mountain houses. These three separate structures, built with dark wood, house 18 rooms equipped with all the comforts to make your stay perfect and carefree, like the hammocks similar to double beds placed on the terraces. 

The Apfelhotel is a dream place, where you can find contact with nature and relax among it. 

Written by Giulia Guido
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