Photography Armin Tehrani photographs the magic of Faroe Islands

Armin Tehrani photographs the magic of Faroe Islands

Giulia Guido

Armin Tehrani is a photographer and art director originally from Vancouver but now lives and works in Copenhagen. In addition to collaborating with various clients and brands, he has also created several personal projects that show his style and cut. Whether it is a commissioned work or a series of portraits, Armin Tehrani’s shots stand out for their naturalness and authenticity, making full use of sunlight. 

This approach came in very useful to realize one of his last works commissioned by Teeth Magazine, for which he left for the Faroe Islands, armed with a camera to tell these breathtaking places, poised between reality and magic. 

Halfway between Norway and Iceland, the Faroe Islands attract thousands of tourists every year who want to discover unspoiled places, endless plains and valleys crossed by a small solitary road that ends by throwing themselves into the cold ocean that surrounds the islands. It is precisely the desolation, the silence and the majesty of nature that stand out in Armin Tehrani’s photographs, which show us landscapes where everything seems better, the bluest sea, the hardest rock, the brightest grass. 

Armin’s gaze rests gently on the landscape, giving us back the essence of these lands, letting us breathe the air.

Discover Armin’s shots below and read the story of his journey on Teeth Magazine.

Written by Giulia Guido
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