Art Arno – Imaginary Topography, Andreco’s new mural in Florence
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Arno – Imaginary Topography, Andreco’s new mural in Florence

Giulia Pacciardi

The first work realized after the lockdown by visual artist and environmental engineer Andrea Conte aka Andreco is a mural curated by Caterina Taurelli Salimbeni (MIM – Made in Manifattura) located in Florence.
The artwork, located in the central courtyard of the Manifattura Tabacchi, represents the imaginary topography of the Arno river and is part of the author’s wider artistic project on river ecology, green spaces, and environmental protection. 

Arno – Imaginary Topography is a tribute to the evocative landscapes of Tuscany, its geology, its rivers, and territories.
The mural is characterized by different shades of red, which represent the typical bricks of the buildings, and by a blue line representing the river.

“For me, the shape of the courtyard suggests an imaginary topography, a geological and morphological study for a future landscape. The mural is meant to be a tribute to the territory, geology, rivers, wetlands, ecosystems, the roughness of the Tuscan territories, and the place where it is located”, the artist said.

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Written by Giulia Pacciardi
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