6 international artists celebrate #CarbonaraDay April 6th

Food is an essential part of our cultural make-up, and there is nothing more enjoyable than the feeling of coming home to a beloved dish that brings back countless memories.

Pasta carbonara is one of many recipes that has proven its popularity across cultures and generations. As such, it is of no surprise that #CarbonaraDay has reached its second edition and that six internationally renowned artists have chosen to celebrate it with colorful animated gifs.

Mauro Gatti, Min Liu, Julianna Szabo, Gambette, Balmer Hählen and Superexpresso have reinterpreted the famous recipe according to their personal style, giving the Roman dish a new and unexpected look. All the gifs and stickers created by artists for #CarbonaraDay will also be available on Instagram/Messenger/Whatsapp/iMessage searching “carbonara”, where you can use them to make your stories funny and creative.

Playful and captivating, the Italian illustrator Mauro Gatti, gave Carbonara’s ingredients the chance to play: Bacon and Pecorino use spaghetti to make a rather happy Egg skip rope.

Gatti 6 artisti internazionali celebrano il CarbonaraDay | Collater.al

Min Liu, a Taiwanese motion graphics designer and animator based in New York, creates a clash between the ingredients, which makes them all end up on the plate, fully assembled and ready to eat.

MinLiu 6 artisti internazionali celebrano il CarbonaraDay | Collater.al

Hungarian paper artist Julianna Szabo, with great simplicity, turns a fork into a dancer, performing the rolling of spaghetti as an elegant choreography. Her project is the first handmade paper Gif ever made.


Anne-Claire Gambet aka. Gambette, French designer and art director, transforms the recipe’s ingredients into real characters with their own personality: Mr. Egg, Mrs. Spaghetti, Mr. Bacon, Lady Pecorino e Black Pepper Man, reflect her humorous style and bizarre vision.


Priscilla Balmer and Yvo Hählen, founders of the Lausanne-based studio Balmer Hählen, remain faithful to the Swiss graphic design tradition choosing minimalism, with typographic geometries, to create a playful kaleidoscope of hypnotizing beauty.


Last but not least, the Italian Superexpresso, working from New York, collaborated with animator Riccardo Albertini aka Rocket Panda, to create a stylized and psychedelic rendition of the recipe owing its inspiration to the technique of digital collages.


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