Art Banksy infiltrates Venice Biennale 2019 with his new work Venice in Oil
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Banksy infiltrates Venice Biennale 2019 with his new work Venice in Oil

Giulia Pacciardi
Banksy si autoinvita alla Biennale con la sua opera Venice in Oil |

Banksy‘s presence in Venice had already been discussed during the opening days, when a mural depicting a child wearing a lifejacket, and holding an SOS rocket, appeared on a wall.
That work has never been claimed by the Bristol artist who, however, today, on his Instagram profile, a medium he has used several times to establish the authorship of his works, he has published a video that shows his latest performance.

Despite being the largest and most prestigious art event in the world, for some reason I’ve never been invited.

For some reason, in fact, Banksy has never been invited to exhibit during the Biennale and if this could be a regret for some artists, for him it is no longer a problem.
This afternoon, in fact, with the help of a mysterious painter, he decided to exhibit his new work in Piazza San Marco, in the midst of those of many other street artists.
The set of paintings, entitled Venice in Oil, represents a huge cruise ship that looms over passers-by, tourists, but also over the characteristic gondoliers that populate the canals.
In the background, there is a mistreated and almost completely hidden Piazza San Marco.
The criticism is clear but, unfortunately, not many people enjoyed the show because the intervention of two policemen who dismantled and removed the work because it was displayed without permission.

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This time the artist’s performance does not divide, on the contrary, the Venetian environmentalists, led by the No Navi movement, kindly thanked him for the unexpected gift.

ArtBanksybiennale veneziapaintingsstreet artvenice
Written by Giulia Pacciardi
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