Style BAPE is about to enter the NFT marketplace

BAPE is about to enter the NFT marketplace

Andrea Tuzio

Last Friday, BAPE announced that it is ready to release 5 limited edition NFTs in collaboration with CROSS STUDIO.
NFTs (non-fungible tokens) have now become an investment for any kind of player both in the fashion world and especially in the art world.
In this sense, the Japanese brand is ready to become a major player in the world of NFTs.

Starting from April 30th in fact, five BAPE NFT designs will be available for purchase on Mintable: three classic BAPE ABC camo patterns and two designs called AAPE x Lilkool Artwork 1 and AAPE x Eric Inkala Artwork 1.
BAPE’s classic ABC camo print in green will be available in only 150 units, while the blue and pink prints will have a run of 250 units.


The Japanese streetwear brand was advised by Tirith Capital for this debut in the NFT world: “BAPE camo pattern is the soul of the brand and among the past 28 years has already created over 200 iconic camo patterns. Since its unique designs drive the brand experience, it only makes sense to take advantage of NFTs as a way to keep the ecosystem cutting edge. And, considering that BAPE has collaborated with partners such as Marvel, SpongeBob, and Nintendo, the potential for future digital art NFT collaborations is enormous”, Tirith Capital founder Jimmie Jeremejev said in a press release.

The 5 BAPE NFTs will be available starting April 30 on Mintable

Written by Andrea Tuzio
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