Bernulia unveiled her Etsy’ shop with a limited edition’s artwork

Giulia Pacciardi · 6 years ago, the global marketplace dedicated to creativity that brings together 2 million sellers and almost 35 million buyers worldwide, it’s been chosen by four Italian sellers as shop online, where to present and sell their own artworks.

From 19 July to the end of November, the four talents, some of the most multi-talented Italian artists will open their shops on Etsy and they will tell the opportunity that the marketplace offers to all creatives and lovers of Italian-made handicrafts.

To tell their Etsyer experience will be Giulia Bernardelli, aka Bernulia, the cartoonist Ale Giorgini, the illustrator Virgola and the designer and fantasy researcher Diego Cusano.

All the artists will open their shops for selling their works and will make a limited edition available only on Etsy until exhaustion.

The first to unveil her artwork and to inaugurate her shop on Etsy is Bernulia, the Mantuan artist graduated from the Accademia delle Belle Arti in Bologna, able to make art with all that nature makes available to her. Fruits, vegetables, flowers, but above all coffee, become the protagonists of drawings and patterns with incredible precision and attention to detail, where shapes and colors are fundamental elements.

We asked her to tell us how this passion was born and how she managed to do her job:

“Although I have never studied drawing, I grew up in my father’s library and art gallery, a magical and stimulating place, which was my first art school. I have always had a great love for decoration and composition, but I like to think that I have not chosen my passion, but I have always had a definite tendency.

The turning point in my life has been about 3 years ago, when I signed up for Instagram despite never being a fan of Social Media. So, when I signed up for this social network, I did it with the intention of publishing honest content that would represent me but could also be interesting for others. This is how Bernulia was born.

One day, overturning the cup of coffee, I realized how beautiful and full of nuances it was. “Think if something came out of the cup, someone or a story” I told myself. So, I tried. I took a picture and shared it. 

Everything that I create or compose is ephemeral, once it is made, it disappears, is consumed or is literally eaten. What remains is the final shot. I really like this characteristic. Preserving everything would make me think about the passing time and my changing tastes. Erasing everything when I finish gives me a great feeling of freedom and respect, as if my ideas were in the best place possible.

Once again, I chose to work with coffee, the ingredient that has more appeal in my creations, probably because it’s something that unites everyone. It is the universal symbol of the morning, a little help, a nice break and everyone seems a bit ‘addicted to it.

Could not be better place to sell this artwork and all my creations! After meeting personally some community sellers, I fell in love with their stories and I wanted to be part of this “big family” of Italian artisans. Etsy not only allows you to sell your products, but to share your experience with those who, like you, test creativity at 360 ° and work with their hands the material to give life to something new. Each product brings a story, a message, which thanks to Etsy arrives all over the world!”

Bernulia is just the first of the four artists to have opened her shop on Etsy, the perfect marketplace for all creatives and artisans who want to sell their artworks and let them to be known all over the world.

During the next six months we will tell you here, Bernulia, Ale Giorgini, Virgola and Diego Cusano’s experience as creatives entrepreneurs into an international community that counts 2 million sellers.

If you have the passion for handicraft and handmade, unique, particular and customizable products, maybe you have to open your own shop on Etsy and meet other passionate and prospective buyers.

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Bernulia unveiled her Etsy’ shop with a limited edition’s artwork
Bernulia unveiled her Etsy’ shop with a limited edition’s artwork
Bernulia unveiled her Etsy’ shop with a limited edition’s artwork
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