Photography Blink, the new photographic project by Naohiro Maeda

Blink, the new photographic project by Naohiro Maeda

Claudia Fuggetti

We met the photographer Naohiro Maeda with the project Passages, a suggestive conceptual representation of the spiritual journey that takes place when you lose a loved one. While maintaining the minimal and almost metaphysical aesthetic, Blink, the artist’s new project, presents itself to us as an ethereal set of images that combine landscapes and buildings to best express what it means to move to a new place.

It seems that Naohiro’s constant search is for the transition, from one city to another, from life to death in the case of Passages. Blink transcends various emotions: whether it’s euphoria for a new chapter in life in an unknown city or loneliness, combined with a feeling of isolation or otherness. All these feelings are nullified and revealed within images that represent fragments suspended in an indefinite time. The artist explained that:

“The series is a meditation on identity and otherness between the homeland and the new place.”

Naohiro Maeda contrasts the structures created by man against the oceans and still lakes, giving the whole series a surreal mood; it is no coincidence that the expression “the blink of an eye” is associated with the feeling that at a given moment you can really perceive the presence of a place.

Written by Claudia Fuggetti
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