Follow God, the video of Kanye West’s new single

Follow God, the video of Kanye West’s new single

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For some time now, Kanye West has been introducing a religious strand into his life. A sort of path of redemption and purification for the rapper of Atlanta.

The turning point in the Christian religion has meant so much to him, so much so that it has become the main element of the new album Jesus Is King and that it aims to seal definitive intercourse with God.

The music contained in this record refers to gospel from the very first moment, and it is no coincidence that it is precisely the Sunday Service choir, celebrated by Kanye during a course in Calabasas, to inaugurate his last studio work.
But let’s get to the single: to publicize the video of the first extract, West’s wife, Kim Kardashian, published parts of the video trailer in her Instagram stories.

The fundamental element of the track is Kanye’s invitation to be followers of Christ by revisiting the religious themes of his previous Father Stretch My Hands, Pt. 1 of 2006.
The song, which also uses the 1974 sample of Can You Lose By Following God by Whole Truth, urges us not to give in, despite the fact that life is full of obstacles and dark moments.
Filmed in Wyoming, the video presents Kanye with his father Ray West. The two walk through a snowy plain until they reach a waiting ATV. The two of them wonder about an important theme in American history: the slavery of blacks and institutional racism, which has always been one of the most important cultural problems in the country.

The meeting between the two takes place where Kanye West usually takes refuge to find inspiration for his work. One could say that this place is for him almost a mausoleum of creativity, a spiritual place where he retires to concentrate better.
The video footage was deliberately shot in a place that is far from Hollywood America, often represented by colleagues. Kanye, in fact, besides being emotionally tied to that place, decided to shoot the video in a real reality far from the spotlight and the chaos that characterizes the big American cities as if to make everything a little more intimate, a real chat between father and son.

After watching the video of West “Follow God” you can listen to Jesus Is King below!

Text by Anna Cardaci

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