blu Marble, the incredible sculpture by Sebastian Errazuriz

12 March 2019

Sebastian Errazuriz will present blue Marble, a sculpture that will broadcast a live video stream of the Earth filmed by a NASA satellite.

The work by Chilean artist and activist Sebastian Errazuriz, known for his experimental approach, is called blu Marble. It consists of a monumental outdoor sculpture, which will present a live video of the Earth from a NASA satellite located in space.

More precisely, the work was conceived as a LED structure visible day and night, which will be accompanied by a bot that rummages through the photographs of the satellite: this bot is able to create a video sequence of spatial images in real time.

The artist explains that:

“blu Marble is a reminder of our miraculously fragile existence. It places our very existence in perspective at a global level – as a tiny spec in space – beckoning us to live fully with awareness and mindfulness of our limited time on this vulnerable and beautiful planet”.

The work of art will be on display for a month from March 13, at 159 Ludlow Street with a private launch at the Richard Taittinger Gallery.

blu Marble, l'incredibile scultura di Sebastian Errazuriz |
blu Marble, l'incredibile scultura di Sebastian Errazuriz |


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