Style Bottega Veneta, Gaetano Pesce and Kate Moss

Bottega Veneta, Gaetano Pesce and Kate Moss

Andrea Tuzio

Tomorrow, November 29, the doors open for the 18th edition of Design Miami/, the week dedicated to art, in the beautiful city of Florida.

Among the many exhibitors present, the focus was on Italian fashion house Bottega Veneta, which will bring its project created together with Italian sculptor, designer and architect Gaetano Pesce. On sale will be a selection of the 400 colored resin chairs, the project is titled Come stai?, that served as the backdrop for Bottega Veneta’s Spring/Summer 2023 show in Milan in September. 

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The chairs are also the focus of a new limited edition book that the fashion house commissioned in which the genesis, criterion and evolution of this collaboration is recounted as well as giving us an insight into what are the points of conjunction that exist between Pesce and Bottega Veneta creative director Matthieu Blazy. All’interno si trovano anche le parole dello stesso Balzi, della curatrice di Design Miami/ Maria Cristina Didero, oltre a un’intervista a Gaetano Pesce e al critico, storico dell’arte e curatore svizzero Hans Ulrich Obrist.

Also scheduled for Nov. 30 at the exhibition space is a book signing anticipated by an image that brought together all the elements that form the basis of the project: fashion, design and art. A portrait destined to become iconic created by Sander, depicting the stunning Kate Moss completely naked and reclining on one of the chairs in the series Come stai?.

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Written by Andrea Tuzio
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