Art Brindi the tattooist who mixes japanese and modern culture

Brindi the tattooist who mixes japanese and modern culture

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Tattooist Maxime Gautron, better known as Brindi, boasts an eclectic series of works on leather. Developing an interest in Japanese prints on wooden boards, he creates contemporary Japanese style tattoos that are inspired by cartoons.

Each tattoo work superbly combines the art of the past with current, modern trends and interests. As already mentioned, many of his works resemble traditional prints on Ukiyo-e wooden blocks.
Ukiyo-e means “images of the floating world” – composed of a wide and diverse range of colors, shallow, two-dimensional image planes, unconventional compositions and of course Japanese subjects.

Brindi’s tattoos are reminiscent of pop culture and he has also included Dinosaurs, UFOs and even the Simpsons, extravagant figures that unexpectedly appear alongside Japanese subjects. Although some of them are subtle in their peculiarity and may even pass as standard works of Japanese art, many of his works are unmistakably original. From a snake of donuts to a modern landscape full of dinosaurs, Brindi’s imaginative scenes perfectly capture his creative spirit and unique approach to body art.

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