Style Burberry enters Minecraft open world

Burberry enters Minecraft open world

Andrea Tuzio

We had already seen something at the beginning of October, and now the collaboration between Burberry and one of the most influential video games of the last decade, Minecraft, has finally been unveiled. 
The one between the British fashion house and the best-selling video game ever (238 million copies) is an immersive experience dedicated to the world of gaming. 

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The joint venture between Burberry and Minecraft represents a multifaceted and multifaceted collaboration, consisting of the creation of a custom landscape within the game developed by Mojang Studios and dedicated entirely to the British brand, called Burberry: Freedom to Go Beyond

This partnership goes into the discovery of what is the bold vision of the two entities involved, giving players the chance to move through the game in a reimagined version of the city of London, home of the British fashion house. 

Those who try their hand at the game immediately become explorers – Minecraft is an open world video game so it is fully visitable – wearing skins and collecting exclusive items that can be purchased along with a limited-edition capsule collection also available in the physical world and not just the virtual one. 

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Burberry classics such as the Waterloo Trench Coat and Car Coat, along with hoodies, hats, and checkered scarves received a “pixelation” treatment in classic Minecraft style.

Burberry: Freedom to Go Beyond s already available for download on the Minecraft marketplace, just as you can already purchase the Burberry x Minecraft capsule collection both online and in Burberry boutiques around the world. 

Written by Andrea Tuzio
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