Design Casa Horta, interior designer Guillermo Santomà dream house
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Casa Horta, interior designer Guillermo Santomà dream house

Giulia Pacciardi
Casa Horta, la casa dei sogni dell’interior designer Guillermo Santoma | Collateral 11

Imagine a place forgotten in a suburb of Barcelona.
Imagine a 1920 three-story house, gray, completely abandoned.

Forget about it now, because what happened a few months ago has radically changed making it one of the most beautiful house you have ever seen.
It is not new to this kind of works the interior and product designer Guillermo Santomà, whose works are hard to describe leaving aside the enthusiasm.
Casa Horta, the abandoned building became a dream, is now his house, three floors feature a stunning design, brilliant colors and an inspiration that could not be anything but the Muralla Roja by Riccardo Bofill.
A change which, according to him, has succeeded thanks to the intervention of a team of only 5 people with a great imagination but little basis in the world of architecture.
His point of view, his philosophy and the color palette focused on pink, green, and blue was enough to make a place left to itself the house in which everyone would like to spend, at least, one night.


Designarchitecturebarcellonainterior design
Written by Giulia Pacciardi
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