A step inside Gaudí’s eclectic Casa Vicens

Let's take a look at the super colourful Casa Vicens built by Gaudi in the late 19th century and it was his first modern work.

Architectural photographer David Cardelús recently shot for the UNESCO World Heritage Site, which also included Casa Vicens among its excellence. The house dates from 1880 and was designed and built by Antoni Gaudí for a wealthy mediator, Manuel Vicens, this building follows the great tradition of decorated cottages commissioned by high society of that century.

The city of Barcelona was built to surround Casa Vicens, but at the time of its construction it was in a village known as Gràcia. The house is considered to be Gaudí’s first major architectural work and one of the buildings that gave rise to the European Modernist movement. It has many oriental and Islamic architectural motifs.

It certainly does not go unnoticed, not only because of its architectural appearance but also because of its bright colours. From the primary red of the external finishes to the cerulean blue ceilings, to the super-coloured flowered tiles both indoors and outdoors, they give a lively personality to every corner of the house.

One has the impression of looking at a gigantic mosaic that does not form an image as a whole but gives life to an eclectic and amazing mix of colours, bas-reliefs, carvings and frescoes. Who wouldn’t want to live there?

Take a look at this sensetional home.

Text by Elisa Scotti


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