Design Artist Seungjin Yang’s balloons that become chairs

Artist Seungjin Yang’s balloons that become chairs

Tommaso Berra
Seungjin Yang |

You are children, you are about to take a huge cone of candyfloss at the stall in the square, but as you pull on your mother’s coat your attention falls on the friendly clown who a few metres away is making animals and objects out of inflatable balloons, the narrow and long kind. From this memory, more or less common to many (with all the different nuances of the case), artists such as Jeff Koons with his ‘Balloons’ and also the South Korean Seungjin Yang, who has turned those balloons into furniture objects, seem to have taken off.

Seungjin Yang makes his works from real balloons blown and assembled together as that street artist would do. To reinforce the structure and make it solid, he then covers it with several thin layers of coloured resin, in a process that can take more than a week for a single piece.
The collection includes chairs with armrests, round and square stools, as well as an armchair for two, all available on the designer’s official website.
All the pieces are characterised by a varied colour scheme, from the most elegant in black to the most colourful in blue and electric pink. “Blowing Series” was born out of an interest in the unexpected shapes of balloons, which take shape randomly, depending on how people blow. Looking for a new set of chairs for your living room? You have found it.

Written by Tommaso Berra
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