Art CHEAP, a writing for Gaza that defies censorship
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CHEAP, a writing for Gaza that defies censorship

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CHEAP – the public art project born in Bologna in 2013 – returns to the streets with a powerful and provocative initiative. This time, the collective is collaborating with Johanna Toruño, an artist originally from El Salvador and creator of The Unapologetic Street Series, to bring a series of transfeminist and queer posters to the city’s walls. But the most incisive part of the initiative are eight posters, the result of a synergy between CHEAP and Toruño, which compose the words “FREE GAZA.”

The clear and direct message does not go unnoticed. Shortly after posting, the words “GAZA” are erased by an anonymous person, who also attempts to erase “FREE.” The violent and intimidating gesture is not slow to elicit reactions. Many citizens turn to CHEAP to report the act of vandalism, sharing a sense of outrage and aggression over the incident. Determined not to be intimidated, CHEAP members reprint the posters with the intention of restoring the original writing. However, when they arrive at the site to put up the new posters, they find a surprise: someone has rewritten “GAZA” in white, over the black with which it had been covered.

TUSSS x CHEAP – Free Gaza

In the face of this gesture of resistance and solidarity, CHEAP decides not to put up the new posters. The anonymous rewriting represents a form of conflict and care that perfectly reflects the spirit of the city and the community. It is a demonstration of the power of public art to provoke dialogue and action, turning an act of censorship into a symbol of hope and resilience.

Artcensuraposter art
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