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The artistic sabotage of CHEAP

Giorgia Massari

Over the past decade, the artistic collective CHEAP has set the stage for ephemeral public art, sweeping away conventions with the same fervor it used to plaster its posters on the streets of Bologna. Today, this rebellious and transformative project makes its way to the MAMboMuseum of Modern Art in Bologna to celebrate a decade of artistic sabotage.

The MAMbo will host an extensive exhibition of CHEAP’s works, including previously realized installations, a selection from the photographic archive documenting their street art projects, and a series of posters in unconventional formats. The exhibition will be scattered throughout the museum, encompassing both exhibition and non-exhibition spaces, from public restrooms to the permanent collection.

Elena Di Gioia, delegate for Culture of Bologna and the Metropolitan City, emphasizes the importance of this event: «CHEAP’s posters have adorned and disrupted our urban landscape for a decade, creatively expressing an unwavering desire to astonish passersby with direct messages on often controversial yet necessary themes. These posters have embedded themselves in the memory of those who have seen them, despite the ephemeral nature of public art. This initiative to invade the space of MAMbo demonstrates the willingness to break down the barriers between public art and cultural institutions, opening a dialogue between contemporary art and the public.»

The term “exhibition” is deliberately avoided in this context, as it is preferred to speak of “infestation.” CHEAP has at times described their work as a “virus,” an entity capable of adapting alongside its surrounding environment. This infestation also extends to feminism, a central theme in CHEAP’s work, which will find its place within the MAMbo.

The official opening of “SABOTATE con Grazia” will take place on Thursday, October 5th, from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM, with free admission. The project will be accessible from October 6th to December 17th, following the museum’s opening hours and access procedures. This exhibition represents an extraordinary opportunity to reflect on public art, its challenges, and its potential for transformation.

Artstreet arturban
Written by Giorgia Massari
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