Chiara Marinucci’s elegant and delicate photography

Giulia Guido · 2 months ago
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Chiara Marinucci, a young Italian photographer, opens the door to a world of sophistication and attention to detail. Her style stems from the encounter between the art of portraiture and fashion photography and gives life to images of rare elegance, in which every element is balanced in such a way as to bring out the beauty of shapes and faces. 

Chiara Marinucci will be at ImageNation Milan in September with a special shoot, we were lucky enough to speak to her about this and much more. Don’t miss the interview below, follow Chiara on Instagram and visit the ImageNation website for all the useful info on the exhibition. 

Tell us how you got into photography. Is there a particular moment you remember?

I started approaching photography when I was a teenager. For many years I considered it only as a hobby, a nice pastime that allowed me to vent my artistic vein, but I remember well when I started to consider it fundamental. A couple of years ago I realised that I couldn’t live without photography, I didn’t want photography to remain just a pastime, I wanted to try to make it my profession; I’m still trying, it’s a very complex sector full of obstacles, but I’m young and I won’t give up, I have a great desire to learn.

Describe your photographic style. How did you get to this point?

I am currently focusing a lot on fashion photography. Having started with portraiture, the style I am developing now is also very much influenced by faces, which remain my passion. I love creating elegant compositions, I like pastel colours and I think the combination of purity and elegance is a bit of a trademark, although I don’t want to risk these specific traits limiting me, so I often seek them out in a more subtle and less obvious way.

Chiara Marinucci

What do you think is the most important thing to consider when taking portrait photographs?

When taking portrait photographs I think it is important to find a connection. Portraiture is an extremely emotional genre and when I personally have to portray a face I like the person I am portraying to feel at ease with me and that there is a connection and above all involvement between us. In general, a portrait is never done alone.

How important is the editing phase for you and the shots you take?  

The editing phase in my work is important, especially in terms of colour. As I mentioned before, I tend to look for pastel colours and softness, traits that I pick up through editing.

Chiara Marinucci

Which are your influences? Who are the artists and photographers you follow?

There are so many photographers I admire: Guido Stazzoni, Anya Holdstock, Nima Benati, Zhonglin, Maria Mikheeva, Riccardo Carraro, Nicholas Fols and Siermond. They are all exceptional artists, every time I see their shots I think they were born to do this and they spur me on to try to always improve. 

What will visitors to the ImageNation Milan exhibition in September see?

Visitors to the exhibition will see the work of so many photographers who love what they do. I’m looking forward to wandering the halls and admiring the shots of so many completely different personalities. As for my shot on display, it is a good example of what I am looking for and what I want to show, a combination of elegance and sophistication but without losing sight of the simplicity that characterises me. I hope the visitors will be able to say the same, I look forward to talking to them.

Chiara Marinucci
Chiara Marinucci
Chiara Marinucci
Chiara Marinucci
Chiara Marinucci’s elegant and delicate photography
Chiara Marinucci’s elegant and delicate photography
Chiara Marinucci’s elegant and delicate photography
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