Art Choots’ cute colored beings on the walls of London 
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Choots’ cute colored beings on the walls of London 

Giulia Guido

Walking around London you might be overwhelmed by strange monsters painted on the wall: giant round beings, just like balloons, with small eyes and ravenous mouths. They are the protagonists of the artwork of Choots

Choots, stage name of James Chuter, is an English illustrator, designer and freelance street artist. Based in London, his artistic production is divided into personal projects and works made for clients or events in the city. 

Whether drawings, canvases or murals, the round characters we just talked about are a constant and are declined in different colors and styles. We can find them defined are by a bold outline, or they can feature bright, bright colors that can’t go unnoticed. 

But the art of Choots does not seem to know limits, so his monstrous and at the same time nice creatures are also found in the form of neon lights or, again, as small sculptures to keep on shelves at home. 

We have selected only a few of his works, but follow him on Instagram not to miss the next works by Choots. 

Artillustrationstreet art
Written by Giulia Guido
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