Design Clown Skateboards and the logo designed by Banksy

Clown Skateboards and the logo designed by Banksy

Emanuele D'Angelo

“That ice has now melted 15 years later, and Clown is back for 2020…

Today we talk about Clown Skateboards, a brand founded by Jeff Boardman and Vikas Malik.
The brand was born in 2000, with the release of the series “CLOWN BANKSY TEST PRESS”, two skateboard models and their now legendary logo of a Clown designed by Banksy.

They met thanks to their shared love and passion for skateboarding, music and art. From here they joined forces and managed to create a brand that merged all three of these shared passions, with a British touch.

In 2005, however, they took a short break from everything, with the aim of coming back stronger than before.
The break, however, has gone well beyond expectations, after 15 years of silence today Clown Skateboards returns to the scene.

The collaboration with the street artist Banksy was born immediately, from the birth of the brand. The two founders helped the street artist when he was still in his early days.

“We did each other favors, we helped him to write and install his works, he kindly agreed to make the logo for us”.

Now they are back to finish what they started and already by 2021 there are many projects in the pipeline.

One of them, already announced, is the GUEST ART PROJECT.
A great project, which sees the participation of 4 artists, not yet announced, who will create a limited edition collection.

The intent is always to combine art, music and passion for skateboarding, involving independent but very talented artists and craftsmen.

Written by Emanuele D'Angelo
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